Frame Products

We know how important your 4 legged family members are to you. That's why we put our heart and soul into each and every Moments piece. The memories you have of your pets should last you a life time and we want to help you keep them close. Each Moments product can be as customized as you want, but they start in 3 basic styles.

Momentic Frame

This is our basic frame. It is an 8x10 frame that includes a paw print with a picture or a poem.  We have 4 different colors of frames to choose from; black, dark brown, reddish brown, and silver.  The matt is white, Moments chooses the matt openings based on picture and paw print, whichever will fit and look the best together.  Also we can include tags, or anything small that would fit easily in the frame. 



Momentom Frame

This is our custom frame. Moments meets with the client, and together we design exactly what you, the client, would like.  Adding tags, collars, small momentos, extra pictures, whatever we think will work and look amazing.  Frame choices are the same 4 colors, matts will be customized to suit the content, as well as size, depends on what or how much content is to be included in the frame.  Ideas for custom frames are:

  • Doing 2-3 paw prints with pictures in one frame.
  • Designing a keepsake, getting your brand new puppy/kitten’s paw print done then when they are a year old doing them again, and showing how they have grown, with both younger and older pictures.  Doesn’t always have to done as a memorial, they are a beautiful keepsake that both you and your pet can enjoy.

Again, customizing a frame is based on your imagination, our frame/mat builders haven’t told us no to anything yet!


Momently Frame

This means if you have a paw print already done and would like it framed, we would love to do that for you, either basic or a custom.  For a different animal, example, if you have horse hair, we can and have framed hair in place of a paw print with a picture or poem.  Or you have no paw print of a passed loved one but would like a frame; we can do a picture and a poem together.  Again, Moments will try our best to make the client happy.